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Welcome to Techne's January 2022 Congress

Hello! This is our virtual 'welcome desk', so please click here to find out more about the Congress (hosted by Kingston University London) and how our sessions will work.

Virtual Conference


Click here to view the Congress programme, including session descriptions.



Take a look at the speakers we have lined up to deliver a fantastic range of lectures, workshops and panels.

Online Workshop


The theme of the conference is 're-enchantment'. Framed by our concerns for a continuing global pandemic, inequalities, and climate crisis, we invite you to join us in an exploration of the potential of dreaming and the imagination as a stimulus for real world change. In doing so, we look optimistically towards the unique power of the Arts to generate real-world magic, inspiring both our disciplines and the world around us.

This conference is organised by Techne (AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership) in conjunction with Kingston University London. This is one of our regular Congresses organised for Techne students. The conference is primarily organised for students within our Doctoral Training Partnership, but we also welcome any other doctoral students to attend sessions. Please direct any queries to

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